Eutex GES

EUTEX International is not a typical electrical product and service provider, but rather a company committed to only the highest quality of turnkey solutions from specification through certification, to supply.

Our objective is to work or partner with our clients as an integrated team to earn and achieve profitable growth and success through a commitment to our Mission Statement:
Delivering Quality Projects Safely, Timely and at a Competitive Price.

In many markets worldwide, IEC standards have been adopted as the benchmark for environmental health and safety certifications and EUTEX International has responded by offering the most complete resource to meet these growing needs – conveniently located in the United States.

EUTEX International is proud to offer the highest quality of electrical products and services, including but not limited to:

  • IEC & NEC Electrical Cables  : NEK606 / IEEE45 / BS7917 / BS6883 / BS5308 etc
  • Cable Glands & Accessories : CMP Triton T3/CDS / A2 / A2F / PX2KX etc
  • Junction Boxes & Enclosures: SX / Stainless Steel / BPG / GRP etc
  • Cable Identification Products
  • Type P Including VFD, CIR, Cable Assemblies, Service Loops
  • Earthing Protection Products
  • Cable Support Systems - Trays & Ladders
  • Cable Transits - HAWKE
  • Lighting - Lamps & Ex/Industrial Luminaries - HADAR