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The Eutex Team

Available brass, nickel plated brass, aluminium & stainless steel
Vendor: CMP Products


Male-Male or Female-Female Adaptor, Globally Approved, Explosive Atmosphere Cable / Conduit Accessory

• Designed to convert existing threads
• General purpose / industrial version available
• Supplied with male or female threads
• Can be supplied with thread conversion
• Equipment interface ‘O’ ring seal available on male-male
• -60?C to +200?C
• Globally marked, IECEx, ATEX & cCSAus
• Can be used with 737 (not Ex d direct entry applications)

Design Specification BS 6121:Part 1:1989, IEC 62444, EN 62444
Enclosure Protection IK10 to IEC 62262 (20 joules) Brass & Stainless Steel Only
ATEX Certificate SIRA13ATEX1265X
Code of Protection II 2 G Ex d IIC Gb,Ex e IIC Gb, II 1 D Ex ta IIIC Da
IM2 Ex d I Mb, Ex e I Mb
Compliance Standards EN 60079-0,1,7,31
IECEx Certificate IECEx SIR13.0094X
Code of Protection Ex d I Mb/ Ex e I Mb/ Ex d IIC Gb / Ex e IIC Gb / Ex ta IIIC Da
Compliance Standards IEC 60079-0,1,7,31
cCSAus Certificate 1055233
Code of Protection Ex de II; Class I, Groups A, B, C and D; Class I, Zone 1, AEx de II; IP66, 67, and 68, Enclosure Type 4X.
Compliance Standards C22.2 No. 0, 0.5-M1982, 30, 94, CAN/CSA E60079-0,1,7, UL 50, Edition 11, UL 1203, Edition 4,
UL 60079-0,1,7
EAC Certificate (Formerly GOST R, K & B) TC RU C-GB.AA87.B.00487
GOST R Certificate POCC.GB.35.H00102
KCC Certificate 14-GA4BO-0250X
CCOE / PESO (India) Certificate P333688
NEPSI Certificate GYJ13.1142X
INMETRO Approval TÜV 12.1332X
RETIE Approval 03866
Marine Approvals LRS: 01/00173, ABS: 17-LD1619350-PDA
Ingress Protection Rating ** IP66, IP67 & IP68 (when fitted with CMP sealing accessories)
Available Materials Brass, Electroless Nickel Plated Brass, Aluminium, Stainless Steel

Product Table


TypeOrdering ReferenceMale/Female Forward Thread Size ?C?Minimum
Thread Length ?E?
Male/Female Rear Thread ?A?Across Flats ?D?Across Corners ?D?Bore Diameter ?B?Protrusion ?F ?Installation
Torque (Nm)
Female797DM1FM1FM16 X 1.515.0M16 X 1.524.026.414.034.07.0
797DM2FM2FM20 X 1.515.0M20 X 1524.026.414.036.07.0
797DM3FM3FM25 X 1.515.0M25 X 1.530.533.516.036.610.0
797DM4FM4FM32 X 1.515.0M32 X 1.536.039.627.737.015.0
797DM5FM5FM40 X 1.515.0M40 X 1.546.050.633.037.625.0
797DM6FM6FM50 X 1.515.0M50 X 1.555.060.545.540.630.0
797DM7FM7FM63 X 1.515.0M63 X 1.570.177.157.540.645.0
797DM8FM8FM75 X 1.515.0M75 X 1.580.
797DM9FM9FM90 X 2.024.0M90 X 2.0100.0110.
797DM10FM10FM100 X 2.024.0M100 X 2.0108.0118.891.052.045.0
Male797DM1MM1MM16 X 1.515.0M16 X 1.524.026.410.018.07.0
797DM2MM2MM20 X 1.515.0M20 X 1524.026.414.018.07.0
797DM3MM3MM25 X 1.515.0M25 X 1.530.533.520.018.010.0
797DM4MM4MM32 X 1.515.0M32 X 1.536.039.626.820.015.0
797DM5MM5MM40 X 1.515.0M40 X 1.546.050.632.720.025.0
797DM6MM6MM50 X 1.515.0M50 X 1.555.060.544.120.030.0
797DM7MM7MM63 X 1.515.0M63 X 1.570.177.155.620.045.0
797DM8MM8MM75 X 1.515.0M75 X 1.580.088.065.621.045.0
797DM9MM9MM90 X 2.024.0M90 X 2.0100.0110.
797DM10M10MM100 X 2.024.0M100 X 2.0108.0118.891.123.045.0
Dimensions shown in millimeters unless otherwise stated


TypeOrdering ReferenceMale/Female Forward Thread Size ?C?Minimum
Thread Length ?E?
Male/Female Rear Thread ?A?Across Flats ?D?Across Corners ?D?Bore Diameter ?B?Protrusion ?F ? Installation
Torque (Nm)
Female797DM1FM1FM16 X 1.50.59M16 X 1.50.941.040.551.347.0
797DM2FM2FM20 X 1.50.59M20 X 150.941.040.551.427.0
797DM3FM3FM25 X 1.50.59M25 X
797DM4FM4FM32 X 1.50.59M32 X 1.51.421.561.091.4615.0
797DM5FM5FM40 X 1.50.59M40 X 1.51.811.991.301.4825.0
797DM6FM6FM50 X 1.50.59M50 X
797DM7FM7FM63 X 1.50.59M63 X 1.52.763.042.261.6045.0
797DM8FM8FM75 X 1.50.59M75 X
797DM9FM9FM90 X 2.00.94M90 X 2.03.944.333.232.0545.0
797DM10FM10FM100 X 2.00.94M100 X
Male797DM1MM1MM16 X 1.50.59M16 X 1.50.941.040.390.717.0
797DM2MM2MM20 X 1.50.59M20 X 150.941.040.550.717.0
797DM3MM3MM25 X 1.50.59M25 X
797DM4MM4MM32 X 1.50.59M32 X 1.51.421.561.060.7915.0
797DM5MM5MM40 X 1.50.59M40 X 1.51.811.991.290.7925.0
797DM6MM6MM50 X 1.50.59M50 X
797DM7MM7MM63 X 1.50.59M63 X 1.52.763.042.190.7945.0
797DM8MM8MM75 X 1.50.59M75 X
797DM9MM9MM90 X 2.00.94M90 X 2.03.944.333.230.9145.0
797DM10M10MM100 X 2.00.94M100 X
Dimensions shown in millimeters unless otherwise stated