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Cyclone I
Standard Duty Cable Cleat with Aluminium Base
Vendor: CMP Products


The CMP Products Cyclone I Strap cable cleat is a metallic cable cleat consisting of a fabricated lightweight aluminium base and a stainless steel strap which have been designed, constructed, and tested in accordance with the International Standard ‘cable cleats for Electrical Installations’ IEC 61914:2009. The Cyclone I Strap cable cleat ensures the retention and securing of cables, whilst preventing damage to the cable when in normal operation, or in the event of a short circuit.

The cable cleats allow a wide range of applications including miscellaneous formations. They have an exceptional overlapping range and give the end user more flexibility when compared to more rigid cable cleats on the market. Each cleat is capable of securing various cable formations, such as single cable (multicore) or single cable in parallel formation, trefoil formation, and quad formation. Suitable for single cable applications in diameters of 36mm to 118mm in 8 sizes, in trefoil formation from diameters of 24mm to 145mm in 15 sizes and quad formation from 21mm to 68mm in 8 sizes.

The Cyclone I bases are manufactured from 5000 series aluminium, making the base lightweight, easy to handle and corrosion resistant. The Cyclone straps are manufactured in 316L stainless steel, providing excellent corrosion resistance, and the tensioned straps act as a coil during short circuit conditions to restrain the cable. The Cyclone strap wraps around the angled Cyclone I aluminium base ensuring the cables are always kept central. The strap is fastened to a stainless steel pin with a hexagon shaped head at one end allowing fast, easy installation via the use of a ratchet, power tool or other suitable mechanical device.

The Cyclone I Aluminium Strap cable cleat has one M12 and two M10 fixing clearance holes within each base, allowing versatile installation and enabling the product to be secured to a variety of mounting surfaces. Due to the design of the Cyclone, the cables do not need to be lifted and placed in to the cable cleat, instead the cables are placed on to the Cyclone bases and the Cyclone straps then wrap around the cables securing them to the mounting surface of the Cyclone base.

The Cyclone I Cable Cleats and Cyclone intermediate straps come with Low Smoke & Fume (LSF), Zero Halogen (LS0H) and Phosphorus Free liners as standard, helping to restrain the cables within vertical applications, providing a layer of protection between the cable sheath and the Cyclone stainless steel strap and base during normal operation where thermal elongation of cables occurs. The liners also prevent the cable from chafing on any mounting surface due to differential movements such as those found in marine and offshore applications, and protect the cable during short circuit conditions.

The Cyclone Strap is designed to be used as an intermediate restraint (where applicable) between two Cyclone cable cleats to bind cables together giving a cost effective, easy application fixing system. Using the Cyclone I Strap cable cleat and the Cyclone Intermediate Restraint alternatively will dramatically reduce installation time and cost, when compared to alternative cable cleat only solutions.

Short Circuit Testing to IEC 61914:2009 - Clause 9.5
Trefoil Formation
One short circuit (6.4.3) 300m fixed cleat centres Two short circuit (6.4.4) 300m fixed cleat centresTwo short circuit (6.4.4) 300mm fixed cleat centres
0.1 sec0.1 sec3 sec
124kA Peak116kA Peak61kA Peak
56.3kA RMS52.7kA RMS29.0kA RMS
300mm CAT 1 Cyclone I (0.1 sec)
Cable OD (mm)Peak kA


Type 6.1.3 Composite Strap Cable Cleat - 2 Loop Cyclone I
Design Specification IEC 61914:2009
Temperature for permanent application -50 to +60°C
IEC 61914:2009 clause / part 6.2
Needle Flame Test Pass - 120 second flame application time
IEC 61914:2009 clause 10.0, 10.1, IEC 60695-11-5
Lateral Load Test Single and Trefoil, Refer to CMP Products,
IEC 61914:2009 clause 9.3
Axial Load Test Single and Trefoil, Refer to CMP Products,
IEC 61914:2009 clause 9.4
Impact Resistance Very Heavy
IEC 61914:2009 clause 6.3, 6.3.5, 9.2
Material 5000 Series Aluminium, 316L Stainless Steel Strap and Low Smoke & Fume (LSF), Zero Halogen (LS0H) and Phosphorus Free

Product Table


Cyclone I Part No.Intermediate Restraint Part No.Cable Ø Range Take (mm)Dimensions (mm)Weight (g)
SingleTrefoilQuadWHDPFixing Hole Ø
1CYC0240342STR02403436-5024-3421-29108. x M101 x M12347
1CYC0300412STR03004145-6030-4126-35108.0109.089.080.02 x M101 x M12358
1CYC0370472STR03704755-6937-4732-40128.0120.089.0100.02 x M101 x M12393
1CYC0430542STR04305464-8043-5437-46128.0134.089.0100.02 x M101 x M12406
1CYC0500602STR05006075-8850-6043-51148.0145.089.0120.02 x M101 x M12465
1CYC0560672STR05606783-9956-6749-57148.0158.089.0120.02 x M101 x M12478
1CYC0630732STR06307394-10863-7355-62168.0170.089.0140.02 x M101 x M12514
1CYC0690802STR069080103-11869-8060-68168.0183.089.0140.02 x M101 x M12527
1CYC0720852STR07208572-85188.0193.089.0160.02 x M101 x M12596
1CYC0820952STR08209582-95188.0212.089.0160.02 x M101 x M12615
1CYC0921052STR09210592-105210.0231.089.0100.02 x M101 x M12653
1CYC1021152STR102115102-115210.0250.089.0100.02 x M101 x M12672
1CYC1121252STR112125112-125235.0269.089.0100.02 x M101 x M12751
1CYC1221352STR122135122-135235.0288.089.0100.02 x M101 x M12771
1CYC1321452STR132145132-145250.0307.089.0120.02 x M101 x M12808


Cyclone I Part No.Intermediate Restraint Part No.Cable Ø Range Take (in.)Dimensions (in.)Weight (oz)
SingleTrefoilQuadWHDPFixing Hole Ø
1CYC0240342STR0240341.417 - 1.9690.945 - 1.3390.827 - 1.1424.2523.7803.5043.1502 x M101 x M1212.24
1CYC0300412STR0300411.772 - 2.3621.181 - 1.6141.024 - 1.3784.2524.2913.5043.1502 x M101 x M1212.63
1CYC0370472STR0370472.165 - 2.7171.457 - 1.8501.260 - 1.5755.0394.7243.5043.9372 x M101 x M1213.86
1CYC0430542STR0430542.520 - 3.1501.693 - 2.1261.457 - 1.8115.0395.2763.5043.9372 x M101 x M1214.32
1CYC0500602STR0500602.953 - 3.4651.969 - 2.3621.693 - 2.0085.8275.7093.5044.7242 x M101 x M1216.40
1CYC0560672STR0560673.268 - 3.8982.205 - 2.6381.929 - 2.2445.8276.2203.5044.7242 x M101 x M1216.86
1CYC0630732STR0630733.701 - 4.2522.480 - 2.8742.165 - 2.4416.6146.6933.5045.5122 x M101 x M1218.13
1CYC0690802STR0690804.055 - 4.6462.717 - 3.1502.362 - 2.6776.6147.2053.5045.5122 x M101 x M1218.59
1CYC0720852STR0720852.835 - 3.3467.4027.5983.5046.2992 x M101 x M1221.02
1CYC0820952STR0820953.228 - 3.7407.4028.3463.5046.2992 x M101 x M1221.69
1CYC0921052STR0921053.622 - 4.1348.2689.0943.5043.9372 x M101 x M1223.03
1CYC1021152STR1021154.016 - 4.5288.2689.8433.5043.9372 x M101 x M1223.70
1CYC1121252STR1121254.409 - 4.9219.25210.5913.5043.9372 x M101 x M1226.49
1CYC1221352STR1221354.803 - 5.3159.25211.3393.5043.9372 x M101 x M1227.20
1CYC1321452STR1321455.197 - 5.7099.84312.0873.5044.7242 x M101 x M1228.50