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The Eutex Team

Heavy Duty Cantilever
Vendor: Vantrunk


The Speedway Heavy Duty Cantilever (HDC) provides a specific means of supporting Speedway cable ladder on vertical fixed structures or channel (strut type) uprights. The heavy duty cantilevers are available to suit Speedway SW4, SW5 & SW6 Cable Ladders for all widths up to and including 900mm wide. Each Heavy Duty Cantilever has fixing slots to accept the Speedway External Flange Clamps (SW/EFC/#), Adaptable Fixing Brackets (SW/AFB/#) and Hold Down Brackets (SW-/HDB/#). The slot pattern allows the adaptable fixing bracket to be fitted either internally or externally on the Speedway cable ladder. The heavy duty cantilever arm back plate has a minimum of two 15mm diameter fixing holes (see table below for details) to accept fixings up to and including M14. The loading table below gives the recommended maximum load for each size of heavy duty cantilever arm for supporting uniformly distributed loads (UDL) such as or for supporting Speedway cable ladder (which should be uniformly loaded to apply two equal point loads onto the cantilever arm).