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    The Eutex Team


    RapidEx is a revolutionary liquid resin sealing solution for barrier cable glands and unions, to be used in conjunction with flameproof or explosion-proof enclosures. During application the liquid resin flows between and round the cable conductors to make sure an entire and total seal, by expelling any air pockets within the process and eliminating any voids.

    The RapidEx barrier cable gland range is certified to the newest global technical standards including ATEX, IECEx and cCSAus certification, amongst others, to the newest global technical standards, including IEC, EN, CSA & UL, and is fully compatible with IEC, AS/NZS, NEC & CEC wiring code rules.

    How does RapidEx work?

    The unique formula begins with a low viscosity liquid that flows into the cable interstices completely surrounding the cable conductors, driving out the air in the process. The viscosity then increases and completely cures in minutes, forming a reliable flameproof or explosion-proof seal. For more information on sealing times see the FAQs at the bottom of this page.

    Why choose RapidEx?

    Traditional barrier cable glands which use an epoxy-cured, clay based sealing compound, have been used in the industry for many years, to provide effective cable sealing.

    A certain degree of skill is required with this traditional time-consuming installation process and the risk of voids increases with the number of cable cores.

    Multi-core cable requires the highest degree of competence and a lengthy installation time to ensure a void-free, safe installation. The process carries with it a higher level of risk, and may lead to rework, or ultimately failure of the seal.

    What are the benefits of RapidEx?

    The unique RapidEx sealing solution has been successfully installed on thousands of enclosures worldwide. Benefits include: