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What Is An Explosive Atmosphere?

HOUSTON – September 15, 2017

Workplaces should be safe for everyone, but in a world constantly innovating it becomes increasingly harder to regulate safety. There are organizations fully dedicated to the oversight of how employers produce their product, and the environment in which the employees are subjected to. Explosive atmospheres are one of many types of examples of a hazardous work environment.

You may be thinking, what is an explosive atmosphere? Simply stated, it’s an atmosphere with an increase of flammability due to particles in the air. These particles can be anything from flammable gases, vapors or combustible dusts.

These workplaces are everywhere, refineries, construction sites, transportation maintenance. The number of employees in these concentrated workplaces pose a great threat in the amount a damage that can arise if not properly regulated.

The liability lies with the employers and it is of great importance that they identify these explosive atmospheres and the contaminates that occur in the given work area. The employer should understand all the possible threats, and they should be fully informed on is detrimental to the management of the atmosphere, and the protection of sources of ignition.

All equipment and processes used in the zone of increased explosive atmosphere must meet requirements that are set by the respect governing authorities. Before an area is fully operational the employer must ensure safety measures are verified. There are many third-party organizations that have increased knowledge in this field, and having a second pair of eyes always helps with liabilities.

These competent third-party companies help consider all risks in the workplace and help employers safely put standards into place to monitor the safety for workers. Certification is vital in care of employees, and explosive atmospheres need to be taken seriously, lives are on the line. We could learn from tragedies in the past that cost people’s lives and businesses millions in damages the importance of preventative implementations. Don’t allow your business to be an example of negligence, but rather a place where employees feel safe.

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