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There has been an increase in demand for product compliance certification services due to an update to the unit verification of IEC TS 60079-46. This provides a level of overall protection from all forms of ignition, such as mechanical, heat or friction, for the skid – a prefabricated electrical building – not just its electrical components.

For more than 13 years EUTEX has been providing IECEx certification, ATEX certification, and NEC certification. To provide our clients with clear guidance and information. We follow three essential steps to ensure we provide a solution to achieving the certification the first time, to give them a quick, clear route to being certified.

Step one – Design review

At the beginning of the process, we perform an assessment of the design documentation for each component being reviewed. This step is essential as it clarifies upfront if they are suitable for certification. Each area of the asset must be self-attested or certified against all ignition risks for a given environment where it will be used.

Step two – Inspection and testing

This stage is paramount as it ensures that the installation of each component corresponds with its design and has been installed in line with the correct set of standards. We perform inspection, testing, and assembly reviews to confirm that no ignition sources have been installed onto the asset and only certified electrical equipment has been procured. This step in the process allows any components to be altered ahead of the certification assessment. However, if the inspection and testing are complete to satisfactory standards the installation can be certified.

Step three – Certification

EUTEX works with key industry certification partners. Our team works to provide all the assessment documentation required straight to the certifying body and we pride ourselves on being able to certify our clients the first time. The steps in this process ensure we save our clients time and money as our experts can advise on any components which may need to be replaced or altered ahead of submitting.

Certification solutions that don’t provide assessment upfront can lead to more time being needed to reassess and resubmit the information to the certification provider. Our steps ensure that efficiency is considered throughout, whilst maintaining the safety and regulations of asset

EUTEX Unit / Product Compliance Certification Services Include:

  • CE Marking Certification

  • ATEX certification, QAN certification, IECEx certification, and IECExQAR Certification and Unit Verification

  • Non electrical equipment certification

  • Unit Verification

Understanding Certification and why it is important for users to ensure compliance with standards.

A very frequent enquiry to EUTEX is about equipment certification with a large proportion on the topic of ‘X’ and ‘U’ certified equipment and if it is suitable for use in a specific application within a Classified Hazardous Area.

Unit Verification

  •  EUTEX carries out unit verification along with their UK certification body partner as per IEC TS 60079-46 and provides IECEX and  ATEX certification for the full  ‘Assemblies’.
  • IEC TS 60079-46 incorporates the inspection requirements of IEC 60079-14, plus ensures the full ‘overall safety’ including other forms of ignition (such as mechanical heat or friction) are verified.
  • As IECEX and ATEX certification to IEC TS 60079-46 provides an actual certificate that indicates an overall protection level and is not just an inspection report on the compliance of electrical parts used – this extra step that EUTEX can provide is invaluable when it comes to documenting safe use & compliance of “Ex” assemblies.

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