Introduction to Hydrogen
Online Course

Introduction To Hydrogen Online Course

EUTEX International and CompEx have teamed up to develop a new introductory course that will enlighten multiple industries on safety practices necessary as the world continues to navigate towards green energy and #NetZero. 

An Introduction to Hydrogen offers a 45-minute overview of hydrogen, the benefits of its use, safety considerations, and protection measures required for usage. The course makes key comparisons between hydrogen and the conventional fossil fuels that have been traditionally used for many years.

This course has been developed for electrical personnel who may come into contact with hydrogen in their working day, for people who are new to the subject, those who want to build on their basic knowledge, and for individuals interested in learning more about how it can be used. 

A certificate of competition is awarded upon completion of the course and shall serve as a foundation of future hydrogen courses to follow. 


Candidates that successfully complete the EUTEX-CompEx Introduction to Hydroguen course will undestand:

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This year EUTEX celebrates 25 years of EXcellence! As part of the celebrations, we have open up this list for people to express interest in this course. We will randomly select 25 people who request early bird access to this course by April 31, 2023 and surprise them with a gift.