EX Certification Process

The EX certification process is a complex procedure that could take as long as a year to complete. EX certification requires products and units to comply with their constructional requirements and to pass a series of quality tests where applicable. 

In hazardous areas within the European Union, equipment designed for potentially explosive atmospheres must meet (the safety) ATEX requirements for all staff and assets. While in other countries, to achieve certification products/units must meet the IECEx requirements in compliance with IEC standards and pass quality checks.  

In order to save time and money, this process must be carried out alongside the correct partner to achieve certification on the first attempt. EUTEX has been helping clients achieve ATEX and IECEx certifications for over 20 years on the first attempt.

To ensure the certification is achieved and before starting the certification journey, we advise our clients to have a solid understanding of:

  • Standards that the product/unit has been made to comply with
  • Temperature ranges
  • Zone/Division the product/unit is intended to be used in
  • Gas/Dust groups

If additional help to gather this information is required, EUTEX’s certified design engineers could perform a design verification to help you go in the correct route to achieve certification.  

Once this first step has been completed, the next information to gather is

  • Certification drawings
  • Material datasheets
  • Product samples
  • Test reports
  • Compliance evidence
  • Manufacturer ISO certificate

EUTEX follows a rigorous product compliance certification process that consists of three steps. We partner with multiple notified bodies around the world to support global projects.