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BU Cable Supplier

EUTEX International is the leading supplier of BU Power and Instrumentation cable types worldwide. We offer complete turnkey solutions for all your electrical cable needs, plus exceptional customer service to ensure that the process goes smoothly. All our NEK 606 cables are ABS and DNV certified.

Our BU cable is fire-resistant non-armored offshore power and instrumentation cable for fixed installation on offshore units and oil gas platforms. These cables are produced according to NEK 606 family. 

Its flexibility allows this cable to be installed in small-spaced fixed installations as smaller bends can be made. Due to the flexibility of the cable, it is easier and faster to install, which saves more time and reduces costs. It is a tinned stranded copper wire conductor, fire-proof mica tape as a fire barrier over the conductor, HF-EPR or XLPE insulation, and halogen-free thermosetting compound SHF2 or SHF Mud sheathed.

BU cable features fire-resistant, flame retardant, low smoke, halogen-free, and mud-resistant cable as requested. Due to its’ halogen-free and flame-Retardant features, it will not create corrosive gases and prevents the fire from spreading.  Protects human life and equipment, during a fire and helps to extinguish the fire. Low smoke density reduces the risk of suffocation and keeps visibility around the fire zone.

These Cables are tested to operate under fire conditions and mechanical stresses allowing these cables to be suitable for use in buildings and at locations where people live, work, and travel/move. 

Why Choose EUTEX International?

Our experts at EUTEX International are dedicated to supplying only the most efficient, most reliable products and services. We abide by Quality Management System standard ISO 9001:2015, also ensuring that all products meet the highest standards in the industry.

Safety is the most important part of any job, which is why we make sure the job is done right the first time, every time. With our experienced, highly trained team, customers can rest stress-free knowing everything will be properly installed and will work effectively. We are fully committed to meeting your needs with our quality turnkey solutions and services.

We are not only a NEK606 250V BU cable supplier; we partner up with you to work side by side to find your best solution for your electrical needs.


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