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RFOU Cable Supplier

EUTEX International is the leading supplier of electric cables worldwide, providing full-service turnkey solutions with effective, quality products and services. We offer products such as NEK 606 cable types, which are all DNV and ABS certified. RFOU cables are just one of the NEK 606 cables we provide.

RFOU are armored and sheathed cables designed for the most demanding marine and offshore harsh environments applications. These cables are also used for telecommunication, instrumentation, fixed installation cables in various electromechanical and electronic equipment, emergency, and critical systems as well as electric distribution and lighting systems.

This cable is produced according to NEK 606 standards. Due to its’ halogen-free and flame-retardant features, it will not create corrosive gases and prevents the fire from spreading. Low smoke density reduces the risk of suffocation and keeps visibility around the fire zone. Protects human life and equipment during a fire and helps to extinguish it.

It has a tinned stranded copper wire conductor, HF-EPR or XLPE insulation and halogen-free thermosetting compound SHF2 or SHF Mud sheathed.

RFOU cables are constructed with a Tinned Copper Wire Braid (TCWB) armoring that serves as a protective cover to reduce the risk of the cable getting pinched or damaged. The use of Tinned copper armoring allows the cable to better resist humidity, high temperatures, and wet environments. 

Also, since the material has been made of copper, it allows the armored to be used as ground when necessary. This can be attained by collecting all the braiding armored around the cable, which will give you a reduced ground on power cables.  The braiding capability allows the cable to be flexible and considerably lighter from an installation point of view especially when the weight is an important factor mainly in the offshore platform

Why Choose EUTEX International?

EUTEX International is a proud NEK 606 RFOU cable supplier, as well as a full-service provider of electric accessories and exceptional customer service. We aim to provide the support, knowledge, and certifications necessary for each application. No matter the demand, we can handle the job using the highest quality products, installed by our experienced professionals.

We conform to Quality Management System standard 9001:2015, including everything from stocking to sales and distribution. Safety and quality are of the utmost importance when it comes to cables and electrical services. That’s why we go into every installation knowing what to do and not to do, ensuring that the job gets done properly the first time.


We are more than just an RFOU cable supplier; we provide so much more. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you!