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UX Cable Supplier

EUTEX International is a proud full-service provider of electric cables and accessories. We supply NEK 606 cables for a variety of applications worldwide, including NEK 606 UX cables. And our high-quality UX cables are DNV and ABS certified, meeting all standards and providing excellent reliability.

UX cable is a flame retardant, low smoke, and halogen-free cable, used for earthing. The cable is mud-resistant insulated earth single-core un-armored cables manufactured under NEK 606 Standards. These cables are used to reduce the risk of electrical overload and fires by redirecting excessive electricity during a short circuit or similar fault. UX cable follows the IEC color-coding standard, therefore they are green/yellow stripe.

Why Choose EUTEX International?

EUTEX International provides complete turnkey solutions with accurate and high-quality products. We take a holistic approach, offering full support, expertise, inspections, and every step necessary to ensure the quality and maintenance of your cables. We comply with Quality Management System standard
ISO 9001:2015 and ensure that all cables comply with the latest IEC standards.

Our professionals will make sure the job is done right the first time every time because safety and quality matter to us. We are committed to providing only the safest products and services in addition to effective solutions and installations.

Get in touch today and learn why companies see us as their go-to NEK 606 UX cables supplier!