CMP Cable Glands Distributor

EUTEX International is an official CMP Cable Glands distributor. We specialize and hold the largest in-stock inventory of hazardous area CMP connectors tested and certified to the latest international technical standards. We also provide hazardous area cables and associated accessories in accordance with IEC and NEC compliance requirements. 

EUTEX stocks CMP cable glands options for all types of cable with Ex d, Ex e, Ex nR, and Ex ta forms of protection. The certifications our glands hold are ATEX, IECEx, EAC, cCSAus, and UL. Some in our explosion-proof cable gland line, offer Bi-Code approvals allowing them for use under both IEC and NEC installation codes of practice. 

Explosion Proof Cable Gland


Globally Approved, Explosive Atmosphere type


Double seal, superior levels of cable retention

Triton T3CDS

Fully sequential, three steps installation procedure

EUTEX provides a full range of explosion proof cable glands,  certified for use with a variety of hazardous area cable, such as unarmored, armored, SWA cable, AWA cable, braids & tapes.

Contact us with your specific requirements, we will be glad to help find a solution that ensures safety for everyone involved in daily operations in a hazardous area. Click here to get in touch!

Flame Proof Cable Gland


Metal to metal armour clamping, controlled outer "load retention" seal


Globally Approved, Explosive Atmosphere RapidEx Barrier Cable Gland


For all types of steel and aluminum wire armored cables. Integral protected deluge seal.

ATEX Cable Gland & IECEx Cable Glands


ATEX and IECEx dually certified cable gland. For all types of armored cables.


ATEX and IECEx certified cable gland. For MC-HL, interlocked, and armored cables.


Globally approved, hazardous area cable gland. Suitable for a wide range of cable types. 

Why choose CMP Cable Glands?

CMP is the leading specialist manufacturer. They have an international reputation for quality and reliability. CMP is highly regarded as the leading specialist in the design and manufacture of cable glands and accessories for hazardous areas. Additionally, CMP products are constantly certified to ensure compliance with international technical standards for multiple applications around the world. 

The cable glands certifications include CCSAUS, CSA, UL, ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO. 

Contact EUTEX to help find the correct cable glands that meet your project requirements and technical compliance requirements. We hold an extensive portfolio of cable glands.

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Our team can help you make the selection for the best cable gland suitable for your application. We can also supply the associated accessories and cable. 


In the United States, cable glands need to be approved to specific national standards. Other locations around the world, are subject to the requirements of the IEC 60079 series of standards. In hazardous areas, gland selection must be carefully made. They need to be the correct type for their application, i.e. requirements for the area they are going to be used in and the equipment they are connecting to must be met. 

It is important to note that the intention of gland connectors is to maintain the explosion protection and integrity of the enclosures they are in. If you need assistance selecting the correct connectors for hazardous area applications, contact our team. We are here to help!


EUTEX International is the leading electrical supplier of hazardous area products and services around the globe!

EUTEX is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that provides hazardous area electrical products including cables, glands, and accessories. The company holds IECEx service facility status which allows our staff to provide hazardous area inspection and maintenance services along with staff training and assembly certification to ensure safe operations in potentially explosive environments.

Working in potentially explosive areas involves multiple risks, so minimizing those risks for the staff and assets is our highest priority.

We have been serving the energy industry since 1998 consistently working towards a safer work environment. EUTEX has built an extensive global footprint by supporting customers who really care about safety by making sure the products and services are a good fit for their purpose and compliant with international and local standards.

To date, EUTEX has registered offices and training centers in Australia, Canada, India, Myanmar, Scotland, Singapore, Thailand, and United Arab Emirates to better serve our global clientele.